Monday, April 19, 2010

Entire draft CA/EU trade deal leaked; tradejustice ruins my day

Just as I was putting the finishing touches on a magazine article regarding the draft text of the IP chapter of the Canada European Union Trade Agreement (CETA)...

Some bunch of troublemakers at (actually the Council of Canadians, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, National Farmers Union, Sierra Club Canada, Canadian Conference of the Arts, among others) leaked the entire draft text along with commentary. This appears to be the kickoff of a concerted campaign opposing the deal.

Which means I have to print off and read it all (its lengthy) and adjust my magazine article accordingly. Thus ruining my day. :(

More seriously, I usually take the position that the more people interested in and commenting on trade deals, the better. So, good for them. Also, once I get over my grumbling, I'm sure I'll find lots of interesting stuff in the leaked documents...

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